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Animal Trio includes:

•Detoxification Oil (4oz)

•Eucalyptus Oil (4oz)

•Lavender Bloom (4oz)


Detoxification Oil: Sweet almond and tea tree oil mix infused in peppermint herbs that open pores and allow toxins to release. Use this oil to moisturize, treat nail fungus, and kill bacteria associated with acne. Add this as the finishing touch to your Detoxification Scrub.


Eucalyptus Oil: Organic avocado oil soaked in eucalyptus and peppermint leaves. Avocado oil absorbs quickly into skin not leaving a greasy residue. Great for relaxation and moisturization. A great compliment to the Eucalyptus scrub.


Lavendar Bloom: This lavender infused coconut oil deep moisturizes skin while its relaxing agents eases the muscles and assists with a good night's rest. Oil induces stress relief and attacks acne and eczema. This oil is a great compliment to our Lavender Scrub.

Animal Trio

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