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Shimmer In The Dark  is an online boutique that caters to beautifying women and is dedicated to the healing of skin allergens.
 Initially known for costume jewelry,the boutique carries selectively chosen animal designed  pieces, that symbolize characteristics of its owner.  If you have been deemed fierce, don't be afraid to add a tiger necklace to your cart.  Our Animal Accessories selection has an array of stunning pieces that can show your wild side.
With the addition of its very own skincare products, Shimmer In The Dark reigns supreme when it comes to organic therapeutic skin exfoliants.  Animal Instincts Skincare is curing skin allergens from eczema to acne.  With these notable products, extinction is nowhere in sight.
The latest venture launched by the animal themed store is Animal Queen Hair. Animal Queen Hair promises long lasting luxurious 
lacefront wigs.  Like all things selected and manufactured by Shimmer In The Dark, we guarantee the best quality products. 

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