Lemon Power

Lemons are more than powerful fruits that aids in weight loss. Lemons have superpowers when it comes to skincare. First, lemons deeply clean pores. They are known as the best natural facial cleansers. Next, their enzymes attack acne-causing bacteria causing skin to clear itself of pimples. Then, it lightens blemishes and darkened areas of the body such as the elbows, knees, neck, and armpits. Many consider lemons natural skin bleachers. Finally, lemons give skin a fresher brightening glow.

Because of all its benefits, lemons are a key ingredient in Animal Instincts Skincare products. Lemon Coconut and Pink Lemonade are two of our notable products.

Lemon Coconut is made of Dead Sea salt, organic coconut oil, and organic lemons. It is fantastic for the treatment of eczema and acne. Pink Lemonade is made of Himalayan Salt, organic avocado oil, organic lemons, and organic limes. It promises amazing results in the elimination of acne, the fading of blemishes, and the lightening of dark areas such as inner thighs or the neck and elbows. Both products are deep moisturizes and eloquent exfoliators. So do yourself a favor. Try both!

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